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 Hacking in Rift Online never was so easy...

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Want to teleport, speedhack, fly, and much more? A Rift hack is an application for the game "RIFT", and interacts with the game client to enable incredible features not normally possible within the game. Hacks for RIFT can range from a speedhack that lets you move faster than normal, to a teleport hack that allows you to teleport anywhere within the game world, instantly. While rift hacks are normally frowned upon there are more and more people every day using game hacks. In competitive PVP titles like RIFT you may want to use a hack yourself to balance the playing field.

Hacking in RIFT

Using a Rift hack is easier than ever before. In the past, game hacks required editing lines of code, finding addresses and pointers in RAM, or extensive configuration of files. Today, game hacks simply require running an executable file, and enabling your preferred hack features once in the game. Hacks have simple to use GUIs which allow for ticking hacks to enable them, with hotkeys automatically configured for enabling and disabling features. With ever growing lists of features, game hacks are becoming more and more powerful, and are absolutely a blast to use. Imagine never having to run across the map to turn in a quest ever again, or being able to teleport right to your current objective. Game hacks also allow for faster leveling, and earning more gold per hour, by letting you quest, farm, and grind faster, or even exploit mobs!
Hack Safety

It's safer than ever to hack in games, RIFT not being an exception. As game hacks have become more widely used, hack security has improved as well, and made it almost impossible for hack users to be detected. While game companies and players continue their fear-mongering on forums with the well known line "If you hack you will be banned", this is rarely true. Hacks are almost never detected through software, and hack users are almost found by other players observing them. Therefore if you are worried about being banned for hacking, the best advice I can give you is to be careful while hacking in game, and you will very likely be fine.
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Don’t play by the game rule. Our Rift hack is a powerful tool designed for upcoming online game called “RIFT”. This tiny RIFT tool is packed with many features such as speedhack, teleporting, flying, radar etc.
Your safety is our 1st priority. Our Rift hack is secured and undetected. It’s programed by expert coders and being updated frequently to prevent anti-cheat detection.
How to use our RIFT hack? the hack comes with a friendly user interface, you can toggle features on / off with just clicks or hotkeys.
Full RIFT Hack Feature Listing
- Friendly User Interface
- Speedhack
- Waypoint Teleport
- Directional Teleport
- Radar
- Flying
- and more ….
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